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In Action: Medical Repatriation From India


Ashley and her friend were traveling to India for a short photography expedition. When Ashley fell a few feet down while visiting a temple in India, Global Travel Plus was there to guide her through the Indian healthcare system and get her back to the States safely. 
Posted: 6/29/2018 9:00:00 AM


In Action: Emergency Medical Evacuation out of Punta Cana for Urgent Surgery


When Global Travel Plus members, Justin and Kate left their Philadelphia condo for their Spring Break vacation in Punta Cana, they had no idea it would lead to an emergency evacuation for Justin to get surgery in Miami and a medical repatriation back to Philadelphia. Thankfully Kate had enrolled to Global Travel Plus as they were preparing for their trip. A purchase that saved them ten of thousands of dollars. Click to read their full story. 
Posted: 3/30/2018 9:19:29 AM


In Action: Critical Medical Repatriation from New Zealand


Newly married couple, Elisa* and Bill, were on their honeymoon in New Zealand when halfway through the trip, their car collided with a bus. Both were seriously injured, especially Elisa who was diagnosed with a devastating type of traumatic brain injury. After being admitted to the hospital, Elisa’s family contacted Global Travel Plus for help. 
Posted: 1/26/2018 3:41:53 PM


IN ACTION: Medical Repatriation from Thailand


Anna and her family were traveling in Thailand when she began experiencing severe back pain, stopping her from standing and walking properly. She decided to go to a local hospital but called Global Travel Plus after seeing a doctor as she was not confident in the care she received.
Posted: 11/3/2017 10:27:37 PM


In Action: Sudden Loss of Motor and Sensory Functions in Punta Cana


Mark* and his wife, Catherine like to spend most of their winter in Punta Cana to escape Illinois’ cold weather. Halfway through their stay, Mark who has a history of spinal disc herniation and sciatica, woke up with no motor and sensory function in his left leg. He was immediately taken to the nearest hospital. 
Posted: 10/13/2017 11:28:39 AM