How To Minimize Homesickness


The feeling of homesickness is best described as an acute form of anxiety and emotional distress when forced out of the regular routine. This may lead to the feeling of being disconnected from familiar people and places and can create a barrier for assimilation in a new environment.

To help our fellow travelers enjoy their time away from home and overcome the feeling of homesickness, we have put together a list of helpful tips below. If you want to learn more about how to avoid homesickness as a student who is traveling abroad or as a parent of the student or traveler, make sure to read our article at:

Make a Bucket List

The first step to acclimating to a new place is by learning about the new landmarks and exploring it like an expert. You can start by researching the places you would like to visit, activities you would like to partake in, food you would like to try, and goals you want to accomplish. Not only will your bucket list help keep you busy, but also help you branch out and explore new places.

Take a Smaller Trip

If you are someone that does not like changes, try taking a trip away from home for a few days before going for a longer trip. It’s like getting your feet wet before diving into the pool. You can research places that are close to home that you have wanted to visit in the past and gage how you would be on a longer trip.

Create a New Routine

A new place requires a new routine. Draw up a new plan for yourself that you can follow to help you stay focused on having a good day. Research shows that people who are more in control of their lifestyle tend to feel less homesick.

Treat Yourself

Small rewards can go a long way and keep you stress free and relaxed. A trip to the spa, a day out in a new city, visiting a new restaurant, or trying something new can help make any day more exciting. This does not mean to divert from maintaining a healthy routine, but to let yourself try new things every once in a while.

Be Positive

Homesickness, like most anxiety-related stresses, is prone to negative thinking. To avoid negativity, you can learn to think positively by keeping a journal and writing about the positive experiences you had during your travels. You can share you experiences, your positive thoughts, things you want to improve, things you want to change or improve upon in your daily life, and more.

Find a Friend from Your Home Country

Friends can help create a positive experience in a new or foreign place. If you’re moving to another country or a faraway state, find friends from a similar location that share a similar culture or lifestyle as you

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Posted: 4/12/2019 12:33:54 PM