How To Have a Stress-Free Study Abroad Experience


Studying abroad is exciting and makes many students more culturally aware. However, not all students have the same experience when they first arrive at their new destination. For many students, such drastic change in their environment can be a cause of stress. 
It takes time and adjustments to achieve a secure foundation for yourself when studying abroad. You have to start preparing yourself prior to making the journey and then continue motivating yourself during your stay. Here are a few tips that may be helpful for stress reduction in students studying abroad.



Research the Destination

Spend some time researching your destination prior to making the trip. Make a list of places you would like to explore, know the current events of the city, and find your favorite locations whether it’s a hiking trail, a library, or a nightclub. Knowing facts about the city can help you feel more connected to your new environment and reduce the stress of feeling like an outsider. The Global Travel Plus Mobile App offers Pre-Trip Information that may be useful while you research your destination.

Make a Friend Abroad

After researching your destination, you should find a friend or relative that you can connect with during your stay abroad. Your college may offer an online support community, connection to the school deans, or a service number for students seeking advice. Finding someone with similar values and beliefs as yourself will help better connect you to the environment and make you more comfortable in a foreign setting.

Bring a Favorite Item

Think about the one object that reminds you of home and is small enough to fit into your suitcase while packing for your trip. Sometimes having a familiar object in your dorm room or off-campus apartment can help you feel safe, secure, and less homesick.


Join an Organization

Build your connections by staying socially active. You can join a college organization or a cultural community with similar interests. Once you get to know a few people, you will be able to expand your network and make stronger connections. If you are uncomfortable attending organizational meetings, you may want to experiment with social networking sites and apps to help find people with the same kindred spirit.

Stay Healthy and Fit

It is essential to constantly motivate yourself to stay fit and healthy so you can stay focused on your studies. Poor eating habits and sleep deprivation are leading causes of stress in college students. While staying abroad, you can make your own meals similar to home, exercise a few times per week, and plan a routine for yourself.

Find Your Personal Support Networks

You should try to find a balance between talking to your friends back home and spending time with new ones. You can still plan to travel with your friends from your home country, but it is also important to be open to new experiences with your new friends. 
Finding a balance between your old life and your new life abroad can sometimes be difficult. Global Travel Plus offers many services for students seeking medical or non-medical attention while studying away from home. The 24/7 Operations Team is one-tap away with the Global Travel Plus Mobile App and can provide students with emergency trauma counseling service, prescription assistance, luggage assistance, medical referrals along with emergency services.


Global Travel Plus provides various services that are proven to be useful and reassure students studying out-of-state or abroad and their parents. For example, Global Travel Plus often helps students find where and how they will be able to refill certain prescriptions before they even leave home, so they can plan their departure with peace of mind. Additionally, students who know they will need to see a physician while being away from home can call Global Travel Plus for referrals. Global Travel Plus provides emergency telephonic trauma counseling for students, with referrals for follow-up sessions with specialists. Finally, students going to a foreign country can use the Pre-Trip Information tool on the Global Travel Plus website and the Mobile App to familiarize themselves with their destination.
Posted: 8/30/2019 9:00:00 AM