In Action: Medical Repatriation from Scotland


Distance from home:
 3,748 miles away from home
Services Provided: Medical Repatriation & Medical Monitoring

Situation: As he arrived in Scotland for a school trip, a member fell severely ill and was brought to the ER where he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Emergency: Not able to pursue the trip with his group, his family called Global Travel Plus for help. When his condition worsened, the doctor had to place a chest drain to relieve an abscess in his left lung. The member stayed in the hospital for about two weeks before being cleared for travel.

Assistance: Global Travel Plus continuously monitored his condition and treatment, ensuring he was receiving proper care. Once he was ready to travel back to the United States, Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for a first-class flight ticket and a medical escort to accompany him all the way home. Door-to-door transportation was also organized on each end of the trip.

Member Testimonial: "My travel went well. The escort was helpful and competent. I am very happy to be home. Thanks for all your help."

*Names were changed for privacy.
Posted: 8/16/2019 9:00:00 AM