10 Gifts Travelers Will Actually Love

The holidays are upon us and we’re all looking for gift ideas for our friends and family. We’ve searched the internet for the best gifts that all the frequent fliers in your life will love.


Smartphone Camera Lens


For the travelers who love taking pictures and selfies, some companies have created external lenses that improve the performance and quality of photos taken with a smartphone. Our favorite lens company is Pixter and we love their Travel Pack at $69.99. 


Travel Pillow


With over 5000 reviews online and ratings of 4.2 stars out of 5, the Trtl Pillow is the best travel pillow out there. It resembles a scarf and is often referred to as the most comfortable travel pillow. It wraps up small so it is not cumbersome and bulky. Get yours on Amazon for just $29.99. 

Travel Size Games


Traveling also means hours of boring time in plane, airports, train stations, cars. Any travelers would be excited to travel with fun things to do and play with. The Uncommongoods website has lots of quirky ideas for gifts starting at only $5. Our favorites? Lost in Translation and the Storymatic Game


Collapsible Water Bottle


Helpful for obvious reasons, collapsible water bottles might make for a reasonably priced, thoughtful gift. We like the water bottle available from Uncommongoods for $19.95. 


Personal Panic Alarm


Keep your loved ones safe by gifting them a mini panic alarm. Whether lost in the woods, or confronting a bad guy, a strong alarm can help travelers get out of trouble. Tigress Alert has created an alarm that emits 130 decibels of noise, loud enough to scare away the danger. The alarm is available for purchase online for $25.99 only.


Smartphone Head Up Display


For those who like a good road-trip, having the ability to turn their phone into a windshield head up display will be incredibly useful. A universal head up display is available on Walmart.com at only $12.99. 


Accommodation Gift Card


Booking.com, Hotel.com or Airbnb.com... all of these hotel and rental booking websites now offer gift cards. Help your traveling loved ones enjoy their trip the way they want and for less!


Suitcase Scale


A small suitcase scale can help a traveler save hundreds of dollars. Many airlines have different weight requirements and fees for overweight bags are usually very expensive. There is plenty of choice to chose from when it comes to suitcase scales, all ranging from $10 to $15. Check out this article for a list of the best scales of 2017. 


In-Ear Translator


This is the most expensive gift in our list but also the most groundbreaking! If your traveling friend or family member is already the owner of a Google Pixel phone, they will fall in love with the Google Pixel Ear Buds. These earbuds in synchronization with the phone can provide two-way translations. The earphones come with a built-in speaker and a microphone to help facilitate the process. You can purchase the earbuds online for $159. 


Peace of Mind with Global Travel Plus' travel assistance plan 


Finally, the best thing you can  give to a traveler is peace of mind! Purchase a Global Travel Plus plan for your traveling loved ones so that they can enjoy stress-free travels throughout the year, knowing that Global Travel Plus will be there to help if they experience a medical or other travel emergency. From medical evacuation and repatriation, prescription assistance, or lost luggage assistance, Global Travel Plus' services are available 24/7, anywhere in the world. Purchase a yearly plan for $175 only at GlobalTravelPlus.com.


Posted: 12/1/2017 2:27:20 PM