In Action: Medical Repatriation from Switzerland During the Winter Holidays


Distance from home:
 5,873 miles away from home
Services Provided: Medical Repatriation & Medical Monitoring

Situation: California residents, George and Lisa, like to spend their winter holidays away from home to enjoy the fresh and crisp winter snow. On December 14th, the couple departed on their two-week vacation to St. Moritz, Switzerland where they could enjoy skiing, hiking, and other winter activities. Last year however, a skiing excursion led to George injuring his knee and hip. He was rushed to the ER where doctors said he would require a hip replacement surgery for which he would have to postpone his flight back home.

Emergency: After the surgery, Lisa called Global Travel Plus for help. Global Travel Plus’s medical coordinators began monitoring George’s care and contacted the local treating doctor to discuss repatriation plans. The local treating doctor and Global Travel Plus Chief Medical Director decided George needed to stay at the hospital for at least four days following the surgery and would not be permitted to travel.

Assistance: After a week, George was finally cleared for travel. Global Travel Plus arranged and paid the couple’s return to Santa Rosa via first class commercial flight with wheelchair assistance. The coordinator also arranged ground transportation for the couple’s transfers to and from both airports.

While this was a frightening situation that occurred away from home, the couple was very thankful for the services they received and look forward to their next holiday trip with no plans to go skiing this time around!

Member Testimonial: "Daily follow-up and the speed with which our entire return travel plans were accomplished after above mentioned paperwork had been completed was phenomenal. We also appreciate the seamlessness of all travel arrangements provided."

Important Disclaimer: While the services presented in this case study were provided as described, other details such as names and locations were changed for privacy.
Posted: 12/20/2019 9:00:00 AM