How to Save Money on Travel


Look at Different Departure/Arrival Spots

When you enter your final destination while searching for flights, sometimes the price might be higher than you'd like. For example, say you want a direct flight from New York to Heathrow Airport in London. This airport is central to the city, and therefore tends to be more expensive. 

London has multiple airports to choose from, so take a look around to see if flying into another one might be cheaper. Sometimes flying into the Gatwick Airport can save hundreds of dollars, and is only an hour away by train from the city. If you're not on a time crunch, flying a little further away can save a lot of money in the long run.

Take a Train Instead of Flying
In certain places where trains are everywhere, such as countries in Europe, taking the train will save you money and time. When you fly, you have to spend time getting to the airport, being there two hours early to go through security, and then just wait around. Unless you get a great deal, flying also tends to be pretty expensive too. 

Most major cities in Europe have train stations that are central to the city, so you'll be close to your destination as soon as you arrive. You only need to be there 15-30 minutes early, and don't have to deal with the pesky baggage check or taking out your liquids at security. When bought in advance, train tickets can be ¼ the price of a plane ticket, plus you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery as the train flies through the country.

Spend Time Researching Your Flight
The number one rule when buying a plane ticket is to never buy the first ticket you see. Start to research several months before your trip to see what the general price range is, and buy your ticket six to eight weeks before your trip. Always make sure you clear your cookies before you're ready to buy your ticket, as the site keeps track and can up the price.

Compare different times of day, as early morning or red-eye flights tend to be the cheapest. Different airlines can vary in prices by hundreds of dollars as well, so if you're not set on a certain airline, consider one of the cheaper options. Certain days are more popular to fly on as well, such as Fridays and Sundays, so you'll save money if your schedule is flexible as to what day of the week you leave and return.

Marissa is an outdoor enthusiast from Seattle with a passion for traveling. She is a contributor to Global Travel Plus's Travel Blog. To follow her adventures, be sure to check out her blog at PostcardsToSeattle.

Posted: 7/29/2016 12:26:11 PM