IN ACTION: Critical Liver Disease in Ireland


When Jeff* and his wife Dianne* departed for Dublin, Ireland to visit their daughter studying abroad, little
could have prepared them for the medical nightmare that ensued. Jeff had chronic liver disease, which
decided to strike in the form of encephalopathy, or the buildup of toxins in the brain. He experienced two
seizures as a result and was hospitalized immediately.

Fortunately, Jeff did prepare for such an unexpected issue before the trip by making sure he had access
to Assist America's global emergency assistance services. Upon being informed of her husband’s
diagnosis, Dianne contacted Assist America.

Assist America immediately engaged its medical monitoring service, which ensured that Jeff was getting
the best treatment possible for the entire time he was away from home. After two weeks had passed, the
doctors in Dublin explained that Jeff would need to travel back to his hometown in California to receive the
rest of the treatment effectively.

The family was very concerned being that international travel in Jeff’s current condition would be a
daunting task. When the medical coordinator explained to them that, once stable for travel, Assist America
would arrange and pay for Jeff to be flown via first class commercial carrier with a medical escort and his
wife by his side, the family was thankful and relieved. This was the best news they had received in weeks.

Upon returning home to California, Assist America provided ground transportation to the hospital where
Jeff would continue treatment. The assistance and peace of mind that Assist America provided for Jeff
and Dianne was instrumental in helping them tackle the challenges that littered their path.

Services Provided: Medical Monitoring, Medical Repatriation (with escort), Ground Transportation

*names were changed for privacy

Posted: 7/14/2017 5:01:29 PM