In Action: Medical Repatriation From Florida


Distance from home: 1,200 miles
Services Provided: Medical Monitoring, Medical Repatriation

A member, Nicole*, was traveling to Florida with her husband for a vacation. After a couple of days in, she fell and injured her knee, needing immediate medical attention. After rushing her to the hospital, her son-in-law called Global Travel Plus to help bring his mother home.

Global Travel Plus medical team contacted the treating physician’s team and started monitoring Nicole’s condition. She was required to seek physical rehabilitation in Florida before her treating doctor would permit her to return home. 

Global Travel Plus medical team followed up with Nicole and her family to update them about the plans for transporting Nicole back home.  The son and his wife could not stay with Nicole during the rehabilitation procedure due to prior commitments.  The Global Travel Plus team therefore helped bridge the gap and kept the son updated regarding Nicole’s recovery progress.

Global Travel Plus medical coordinators arranged a medical escort to travel with Nicole along with wheel chair assistance, upgraded seating booked for extra leg room to keep Nicole’s leg elevated, per the advice of the medical treating team.  In addition, door to door ground transportation was also arranged and provided. The family would focus on Nicole while Global Travel Plus arranged the transport so they could all get back home stress free!


Upon her return, Nicole's son-in-law shared “Global Travel Plus is top notch! Everyone went above and beyond and was so caring."

*Names were changed for privacy
Posted: 7/20/2018 10:00:00 AM