Most Enchanting Lakes Around the World


A vacation is never really complete without the relaxing view of a body of water. Something about water is so mesmerizing that most people cannot help but feel rejuvenated and refreshed by the sight of it. Imagine the sound of water moving around slowly while you sit next to it or just enjoy the view. The water slowly takes the edge of the heat and you calmly float along, enjoying some music or reading a magazine. For all you water-lovers, we have made a list of the most enchanting lakes around the world that can prove to be worth the travel! 

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is the largest lake in Central Europe, holding the largest amount of water in the region, and has been an eye-catching attraction for over a century. It is located between France and Switzerland and offers many cruises and water adventures for tourists. This lake is surrounded by small cities that are rich in historical value which can be traveled to using the small ferries, known as “Mouettes.” Along with ferries, cruises, tours, villages, and cities, there are many resorts, castles, museums, and historical vineyards that can be enjoyed by all. 

Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria is one of the toxic saline lakes, known as soda lakes, located in Kenya and is known for being covered with pink flamingos for most of the year. Although the lake is high in toxicity and can be harmful to humans, lesser species of flamingos are able to find food as they have tough skin and scales on their legs that prevent burns and have glands in their head that remove salt from their nasal cavity. Visitors plan a trip to Lake Bogoria for wildlife photography and to see the feeding ground of these lesser flamingos. This lake suggestion might sound out of the way but if you are planning a trip to Kenya, make sure to check it out.

Dead Sea

The Sea of Death, known as Al-Bahr Al-Mayyit in Arabic, is the highly-salty sea – or giant lake – located between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea is the lowest body of water with the lowest elevation on the surface of the Earth. This lake is for the floaters and swimmers as the density of the Dead Sea keeps them buoyant. The high density is caused by the 33.7 percent salt content of the water which is over ten times saltier than ordinary salt water. The salt and minerals of the water are noted for being great for the skin as it can relieve many skin ailments. The Dead Sea is also rated the second most dangerous lake of Israel so we recommend mouth gear that keeps the water out of the body. 

Abraham Lake 

Abraham Lake has become quite popular due to its “frozen bubble” phenomenon that occurs every winter. Frozen bubbles arise due to the decaying plants on the lake bed which release methane gas and those bubbles get trapped just below the surface as the lake freezes. This man-made Canadian lake offers a great scope for photography and possesses the stunning blue color of other glacial lakes found in the Rocky Mountains. There is also a park surrounding this lake which offers various outdoor activities including hiking, camping, and lodging. 

Taal Lake 

Taal Lake is third largest lake and the most photographed lake of the Phillipines. The lake is a freshwater crater lake located in the province of Batangas and cradles the world’s smallest active volcano. The amazing part about this lake is that it sits on the Luzon Island and within the Taal Lake is another island, Volcano Island, which has another lake, Main Crater Lake. At the very center of Main Crater Lake sits Vulcan Point, which makes Taal Lake the home to the world’s largest “triple island.”
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Posted: 7/27/2018 10:30:00 AM