How You Can Use Global Travel Plus on Your Next Vacation


You've packed your bags, booked your destination, and finally, the excitement of your upcoming travel is starting to set in. You just joined Global Travel Plus, GTP, and downloaded our mobile app. You feel excited about all the features you can utilize and reassured about receiving assistance with any medical or travel emergency. Read on to find out how you can use Global Travel Plus wherever your travels take you this summer and don’t forget to pack GTP along with you!

Travel Information

If you are traveling to another country, avoid any surprises by reading up on travel information. Before booking or leaving for your trip, we advise our members to review country profiles, visa requirements, security advisories, and more on our website or mobile app. You can even check the climate in the region of your destination along with details such as cultural practices and other useful and interesting facts. This way, you feel confident and prepared if traveling to a country you have never been to before or traveling back to a place you haven't traveled to in a while. 

Lost Luggage Assistance 

According to Sita, an international IT provider that monitors global airline baggage, almost 25 million out of 4.3 billion bags were misdirected or lost in 2019. Some of us know how frustrating it is when luggage starts appearing on the luggage carousel, watching as fellow passengers grab their belongings and excitedly rush off to begin their trip, only for your suitcase never to show up. With GTP's lost luggage assistance, we will work with airlines to recover and deliver lost bags so that you can enjoy your travels stress-free.

Pet Assistance 

When you choose GTP, your entire family is protected. Yes, even your pets! During summer travel, many families decide to bring their pets with them. We can provide you with pet travel information along with extra peace of mind that your pets have access to travel assistance services such as veterinarian referrals and prescription assistance, too! Access pet-related travel information on our website or mobile app if you travel more than 100 miles away from home with your pet or are planning a trip with them.

Tap for Help

By downloading the Global Travel Plus mobile app, our services are as close as your mobile phone whenever you travel. Click the Tap for Help button to be immediately connected to our 24/7 Operations Center with an international service plan or Wi-Fi connection. We are eager to assist you with any medical or travel emergencies. 

Emergency Assistance 

While we usually hope for the best when traveling, the truth is an emergency can happen at any moment. In the event of a difficult situation, preparedness is your best asset. An emergency can be anything, from a minor or major injury, forgotten prescription, to a loss of life. Let GTP be that travel asset if an emergency occurs. While we can be there to assist with any minor inconveniences, our services also cover serious medical emergencies. 

Learn more about our services and how we can assist you during your travels by visiting our website at

Posted: 7/9/2021 11:41:29 AM