What to Do Before Your Next Big Trip


With summer travel at its peak, it's a great time to brush up on travel tips and trends before your next trip. Consider the following: 

Check your passport expiration date

Significant delays are affecting the U.S. State Department and postal services, forcing passport renewals to take months longer than anticipated. Even an expedited application can take up to 12 weeks. If your passport is expiring soon, submit your renewal well in advance. Although the U.S. government doesn't require American passport holders to have at least six months of validity when traveling abroad, some other nations do. Even if your passport expires a few months after a planned trip, check the regulations of your destination to make sure customs will still accept it. 

Organize important documents 

More documents are being required for international travelers, so organizing and making sure you have everything is a critical step to take before your next trip. If possible, make digital copies of all the documents you will need. If you need a letter of coverage for an upcoming trip, remember that your membership with Global Travel Plus provides one to you. Access it by logging into your account on our website by visiting: https://www.globaltravelplus.com/MyGlobalTravelPlus.aspx

Don't wait to rent a car

Rental car shortages are still affecting  travelers. If you can find a rental car, they are typically two to three times the regular price. Instead, consider renting a U-Haul or van, or look into car-renting platforms like Turo—also, budget for potential higher gas prices in certain areas. Consider public transportation or ride-share options if you are visiting a city.

Book your flight at least three weeks before departure 

As flight demand continues to pick up, ticket prices are starting to spike in the two weeks leading up to departure. Since many airlines still include free ticket changes, you can book your flight at least three weeks before to get the best price and then change for free if your plans change. 

Purchase travel assistance from Global Travel Plus

When you’re experiencing an emergency while traveling, Global Travel Plus assists you by providing the necessary solutions that help you navigate an emergency situation successfully and smoothly. Whether you need help finding a doctor, refilling a lost or forgotten prescription, or being transported to a facility with a higher level of care, we’re the peace of mind that travels with you. With Global Travel Plus on your side, you’ll enjoy real worry-free travel anywhere in the world, in any situation. To learn more about how Global Travel Plus can help you with travel emergencies, visit: https://www.globaltravelplus.com/Services.aspx.

Posted: 7/30/2021 3:17:46 PM