10 Tips for Solo Travelers


Traveling alone has many benefits including the ability to make your own decisions without having to consider opinions and wishes of other co-travelers. You can connect with new people or, if you are not a social bird, avoid others altogether. However, traveling alone also means you need to be more alert about your surroundings and look out for yourself. 


Sometimes, traveling alone can save you some bucks here and there but in other situations, it can end up costing more. For example, while single beds in hostels or single rooms at hotels are often cheaper than double or larger rooms, it might be less costly to share a room with friends. Also, the last thing you want is to be running out of money when you are in an unknown area without anyone to lend you some cash for an emergency.  To ensure you will have enough for your travels, save up and make a budget and emergency plan.  


Be familiar with your destination and some of the local landmarks that will help you identify your surroundings. You may want to study your destination in advance and know the key facts about local activities. To learn more about things you should know about your destination, check out our recent blog article here. If you are enrolled in the Global Travel Plus program, remember that you have access to country specific reports on our website or Mobile App.

Travel Assistance 

It is essential that you have travel assistance for your trip so you can travel with peace of mind knowing you have access to robust assistance services in case of a medical or non-medical emergency during your trip. Visit www.globaltravelplus.com/Services for further information regarding Global Travel Plus' travel assistance services.

Solo Stay 

Staying alone can be made more affordable when you plan your stay at local motels and hostels. Just because you're traveling alone, doesn't mean you need to get lonely. You can meet people by sitting at the bar in restaurants and signing up for group tours. Very often, hostels will have common lounge and eating areas where you can meet people from around the world. They also sometimes organize their own guided tour which are generally cheaper than the regular tours. 

Pack Light 

When traveling alone, you're most probably not going to have anyone who will help you carry or watch after all your belongings. Pack light for such situations by pairing one pant to three shirts and fit everything in one suitcase.  

Emergency Contact 

Before you depart on your trip, make a list of emergency contacts and keep it in your wallet, handbag, and suitcase. You should also leave an itinerary of your travels with a close family member or friend in case you need to be contacted in an emergency. This step is crucial to your travels as it will give you and your family a peace of mind regarding your whereabouts. 

Protect Your Identity 

If you plan on using Wi-Fi on your trip in unknown areas, it is best to get a VPN code. This will help protect your information that you might have saved on your phone, such as credit card information. You will also have access to sites that other countries might block and can continue to use those sites at your convenience.  

Adapt to Your Destination 

Going to a new destination means experiencing a completely different culture and local history. You will be surrounded by people who are adapted to that culture and to connect to them, you will need to adapt to their way of life. To do so, learn more about local history through social media, textbooks, and guidebooks. 

Stay Alert 

Being alert of your surroundings is crucial for solo travelers as it will keep you safe and away from danger. One thing that solo travelers should keep in mind is that they would not have someone continuously watching their back, and should therefore, stay sober, plan transportation ahead of time in case you are planning to stay out late, and confirm with locals that the location is safe.  


Planning a trip on your own may be exciting but safety must always come first. You might want to leave a note at your hotel room before leaving so they can check in with you. You may also not want to give everyone you meet your full name. Talk to your hotel staff or your guide when you need information about destinations and how safe they are. 

When you are planning for your trip, remember to check out the Travel Information feature on Global Travel Plus’ Mobile App and website. After selecting your country of destination, you will see a comprehensive country-specific report listing important information ranging from cultural etiquette tips to security alerts and health advisory if applicable.

Posted: 6/22/2018 8:00:00 AM