Quarantine Staples


As many people have started preparing for social distancing and quarantine measures, the stores have been depleted of the essential supplies needed to stay safe in such conditions. The coronavirus fear has caused many to irrationally buy a lot more supplies than need be. It is important to note that, even in the countries with strict isolation measures, residents are still authorized to go to supermarkets to get food supplies. We have gathered a list of essentials that people should buy on their next run to the supermarket.

Canned Goods

Canned goods are a great staple for many types of emergencies and can be stored for longer periods than regular foods. Make sure to look for canned goods that are lower in sugar and sodium and higher in protein to keep you healthy during the period of quarantine or isolation. Certain goods that will keep you healthy and increase your immune response to infection and illness include fruits with high levels of vitamin C, vegetables that are high in fiber and nutrients, and beans that are a great source of plant protein and can be used in everything from salads to soups.

Pantry Staples

A few high nutrient staples to keep in the pantry include pasta, rice, quinoa, dried fruit, nuts and nut butter, chia and flax seeds, and baby food and formula if you have a young one at home. A few items with a longer shelf life can also be bought in advance for emergencies such as butter, cheese, carrots, garlic and onions, potatoes, cabbage, and any bread items like tortilla and pita.

Your choice of snacks should also be energy dense to keep you fueled and healthy during your stay at home and avoid sluggishness. Recommended snacks would be longer lasting fruits like bananas and oranges, high in fiber cereals, instant oatmeal or rolled oats, granola and protein bars, dried fruit energy mixes, and some popcorn and plant-based chips to snack on during movie times.

Frozen Foods

While staying at home, you may choose to spend more time on your hobbies and redecorating or rearranging the house. Although you do not want to overcrowd the freezer, but would like to skip making dinner, many frozen foods or dinner combinations come pre-packaged and ready to eat upon defrosting. However, frozen items expire much faster than canned goods so make sure to plan when you will be eating these frozen meals so they do not go to waste. Some frozen items to purchase include vegetables, fruits, burritos, pizza or pizza dough, and the important ice cream for the little ones, and the not-so-little ones.

Cleaning Essentials

Social isolation does not mean you cannot go out for walks or take your pet outside, in fact the CDC recommends you take in some fresh air. However, make sure to have the essential hygiene and house cleaning staples necessary to keep your home virus-free. Some hygiene products that are quickly selling-out are toilet paper, tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial hand soap, body wash, detergent, and body wipes. House-cleaning staples are also essential for the isolation period as they can help maintain a cleaner house and a few examples are disinfecting sprays, desensitizing wipes, counter cleaners, and dish soap. It is important to buy only what is needed and avoid stockpiling such items. Doing so may put the persons most at risk of a severe infection as they may not have access to effective cleaning supply to sanitize their surroundings.

Pharmacy Items

During the period of self-quarantine or isolation, it is highly important to stay healthy and have the right medicines that can help achieve that. Make sure to purchase a pack of multivitamins to stay energized even while staying home all day. You may also want to keep a few packs of ibuprofen, acetaminophen, cough and cold medicine, saline solution, and allergy medicine in a medicinal pouch at home to help reduce symptoms if you feel unwell and do not want to go to the store to buy more. If you want to learn more about what to keep in your home-made medical kit, read our previous article here.

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Posted: 3/20/2020 9:00:00 AM