Service Provided: Medical Monitoring, Translation and Interpreter Services, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation


37-year old Brad* and his fiancée, Alexandra were visiting Peru when Brad started to feel pain in his abdomen. Supposing his discomfort was due to the recent long haul flight and the changes in food, the couple decided to continue with their travel plans and hiked the Inca Trail leading to the Machu Picchu ruins. As the day went by, the pain strengthened and Brad began feeling very sick. Believing it was a simple case for food poisoning, Brad and Alexandra decided to go to a hospital in Cusco, about two hours away south of the Machu Picchu Mountains, to seek treatment.

After conducting an ultrasound and colonoscopy, the local doctors discovered a tumor in Brad’s abdomen which had caused his colon to burst. Brad was immediately taken into surgery and Alexandra reached out to Global Travel Plus for help. Global Travel Plus contacted the hospital in Cusco and started monitoring Brad’s condition closely. After the surgery was finished, the local surgeon notified that a second tumor was found with liver metastases. Brad needed to start cancer treatment back home in California as soon as possible.

In coordination with Brad’s health insurance company, his fiancée and his family back in California, Global Travel Plus was able to secure him a bed at a cancer treatment facility near his home. Our Spanish-speaking coordinators also helped Alexandra communicate with the local treating team and translate all of the medical reports that were required by the physicians in California in order to set up Brad’s treatment prior to his arrival.

Once Brad was stable enough to be evacuated, Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for a medical crew to transport Brad, accompanied by Alexandra, to the facility in California via air ambulance and door-to-door ground transportation. Brad arrived safely to the cancer treatment facility and was able to start treatment upon arrival. The couple and Brad’s family are grateful for Global Travel Plus’s services and support throughout this critical and stressful situation. 

Testimonial: “Many thanks for all your help and on-going communications. You did a great job and we cannot thank your team enough for their care, attention and professionalism. The coordinators were very helpful and attentive.” – Brad*

*Based on true events. Names were changed for privacy purpose.


Posted: 5/5/2017 1:09:46 PM