Where do your bags go after you check them in?

Once you checked them in, your bags usually take as long of a journey as you before they make it to the airplane. Their trip is generally a few miles long and they go through more than one security check points! 

If, after seeing this video, you worry about getting your bag back after landing, here is a few things that might minimize the risk: 

1. Don't be late!

If you plan on checking your suitcase in, make sure you arrive at the airport on time. After check in, our suitcases have a long journey before they are loaded on the plane. Usually, airlines will inform you of the latest check in time. 

2. Watch what you pack! 

The content of you bag may trigger security warnings when your bag goes through the X-rays. Avoid packing hazardous and food products in your suitcase as this will cause delays in getting your bag onto the flight. If traveling with spay containers such as hairspray or deodorant, or with batteries, make sure you follow TSA's safety rules and packing directions. 

3. Don't use bag straps!

Bag straps can get caught up in the conveyors and cause a bag jam, which may delay your bag and the bags of others. Same for locks, we recomment to avoid using them or to useTSA-compliant locks as regular locks to secure your bags are forbidden and can get your bags to be delayed. Your bag may get held up at a security check point until the airport staff can open your bag to verify its content, causing your bags to miss the flight! 

4. Connections are your bags' worst enemies!

Most cases of bags delays or loss happen during connections. If possible, plan a minimum of one hour between connecting flights to allow your bags (and yourself!) enough time to get on the next plane. Check if you will be required to re-check your bag and go through security again at your connecting airport. If so, allow even more time between each flight.


Posted: 5/12/2017 3:21:24 PM