How to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist


There are several reasons that people decide to travel whether it’s for adventure, perspective, or to learn about a new culture. Lately, the trend has been to gain an “authentic” experience that has become increasingly difficult to as a tourist.
Tourists are usually treated differently and there are a few advantages and disadvantages to being one. Not only are you an obvious target for sales scams as locals would probably think that you are not familiar with the area’s pricing system, but you also tend to be alienated which keeps you away from gaining an authentic experience.
However, if you manage to blend in a little with the local population, you are responding to the culture around you and it will help you assimilate as well. Here are a few tips that may help bring about the authentic experience you were looking for!

Avoid Day Packs


If you want to avoid looking like a tourist, the first step is to skip those bag packs with as unnecessary amount of stuff. They look big and bulky and have the universal sign of a foreigner written all over the bags. Women can instead opt for a larger shoulder bag with a few items and men can put some of their essentials in a carrier bag from a local supermarket.

Travel Out of Season


An easy way to avoid looking like a tourist is by avoiding travel when everyone else does. When you travel off-season, there will usually be pleasant weather – not too hot or too cold, along with higher chances of most shops and restaurants being open and less crowded. You may also want to consider traveling to places where less tourists usually visit such as nearby cities or towns of famous tourist locations.

Eat Where the Locals Eat


One way to gain the ultimate authentic experience is by trying real food of the area you are visiting. Many tourist restaurants have the universal menu that all foreigners would be familiar with, but if you find a place without a tourist menu, you will be able to pay less, eat better, and learn more about culture.

Take Less Pictures


Smartphones have eliminated some of the obvious giveaways of a tourist such as a SLR hanging around the tourist’s neck but taking less pictures and enjoying what is happening around you can help you feel less like a visitor and learn more about the culture. You will be involved with your surroundings instead of seeing the world from your lens.

Do Your Research


A new place means not only a new language and a different style of clothes, but also a different culture overall. If you are visiting a foreign country, make sure to do your research on the language spoken, universal hand signs and non-verbal language, daily routines of the people that live in the area, and the kind of mannerisms they may uphold.
Knowing a few key words such as how to say hello, goodbye, thank you, a few directional terms, and a few transactional terms can help you interact with the local population. You may also want to research the weather, type of clothing worn by male and females, and type of food the place is famous for so you know what to expect in the foreign land.
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Posted: 5/10/2019 11:00:00 AM