In Action: COVID-19 Testing Site Referral in Texas

Distance from Home: 1,730 miles
Services Provided: Testing Site Referral

Situation: A member from Pennsylvania drove to Texas to visit family members when he began experiencing symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. Since he had made a few stops during his road trip, he was afraid he had been exposed to the novel virus and called Global Travel Plus for help in locating a testing facility.

Assistance: The coordinator was able to find three testing sites near the member’s location and send him the names, addresses and business hours of the facilities. The coordinator also listed the procedures followed at each site and ran the member through the testing process. When following up the next day, the member indicated he was tested that morning at one of the facilities provided by Global Travel Plus and the results came back negative.

Member Testimonial: “Global Travel Plus referred us to several COVID-19 testing sites in Texas that we did not have to pay for. I'm very pleased with the service and thoroughness provided by the coordinators and their follow-up."
Posted: 5/29/2020 9:00:00 AM