Like fall colors? Check out our favorite places in the world to enjoy autumn foliage!

The annual color change undergone by trees is one of nature’s most beautiful, and immense displays. In North America for example, the color change that happens in autumn can clearly be seen from space, and the entire east coast turns yellow orange for a couple glorious weeks. Being that the change is so immense, we have decided to find the very best places of them all to view the stunning color changes. 

Kyoto, Japan

Peak color change in Kyoto usually happens around mid-November. The city has an impressive abundance of trees, and when their leaves change color, the effects can be enjoyed throughout the city. The temples in Kyoto often are accompanied with impressive gardens and are among best places to admire the colors, and exemplary horticulture in Japan. 


Ahornboden, Austria 

The Alps in themselves are a true sight to behold, so if you factor in the beauty of changing tree colors, it becomes even more surreal. Deep in the Austrian Alps is an alpine meadow littered with thousands of mountain maple trees. They turn bright yellow, and are surrounded by 360 degree views of the towering Alps.  

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine  

This location might as well be out of a fairytale, and is without a doubt one of the most surreal and romantic places on earth. After several years of a train passing through the forest, the trees adjacent to the track have curved over, creating a perfect two mile long tunnel of trees. And yes, the leaves change color in the fall and the whole tunnel turns bright colors for a few weeks. 
Photo by lagidnyj via Wikimapia

Great Smokey National Park, North Carolina, America 

The Great Smokey National Park is the most visited national park in the country. When mid-October comes around, the park witnesses some of the most grand color viewing spectacles from anywhere in the country. North Carolina also boasts “America’s favorite drive” on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This stunning set of road weaves between the mountains, and offers the perfect vantage point for the incredible scenery. 


Door County, Wisconsin

Door County is recognized for its popular shoreline along Lake Michigan. However, once the weather starts to turn, there is still no need for vacationers to leave. The trees along the shoreline reveal their changing colors, and the contrast between ocean blue, and leafy orange can be truly breathtaking. On top of that, the county grows a healthy amount of produce in the fall, and once can find plenty of roadside orchards to pick apples and pumpkins.  
Photo by Door County Visitors Bureau

Bran Castle, Romania 

The medieval castle, situated deep in the Transylvanian hills is a major landmark, and national monument in Romania. The castle is also famed for supposedly housing the evil Count Dracula. In the fall, the trees in the surrounding hills change from being green to chocolate brown and orange. The place has an overall eerie atmosphere, which is only amplified by the fall landscape. It makes for a one of a kind autumn travel experience. 
Posted: 10/6/2017 12:23:41 PM