5 Safe Fall Activities During the Pandemic


Leaves have started changing colors and falling to the ground, cinnamon and pumpkin spice flavors are filling our senses, and the morning air has become colder and crisper – all signaling that the fall season is upon us. However, celebrating this fall season will be much different than previous years as we continue to follow social distancing measures amidst the ongoing pandemic. Global Travel Plus has compiled a list of fall activities that are relatively safe during the pandemic with a few more precautions than previously required.

Farm Visits

Walking around and seeing all the animals, taking tours on hayrides, finding your way through corn mazes, and picking your own fruits and vegetables makes visiting farms a great outdoor activity for adults and children. Beginning to mid-October is also the perfect time to pick fresh apples and pumpkins. However, amid the pandemic, make sure to read the farm’s website for safety and health information and call the farm you would like to visit ahead of time to reserve a time slot for you and your family as they may only be allowing a limited number of people onto their grounds. To protect yourself and others, remember to wear your mask during the farm visit and avoid tasting or touching things that you will not be purchasing.


Outdoor Restaurant Dining

Indoor dining is a moderate to high-risk activity as people tend to stay for longer periods of time at restaurants which makes the duration of exposure longer. However, you can reduce the risk level by calling the restaurant ahead of time to check if they have outdoor seating options, ensuring that they are following safety protocols, and making a reservation. The risk level associated with restaurants tends to depend on reduced and spacious seating, required wearing of masks from staff, reduction of self-serve areas, usage of single-use options instead of shared use of condiments, and easy access to hand-washing stations. To minimize the risk at a restaurant, remember to only share meals with household members to avoid having to remove your mask near others.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares that, “staying physically active is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy.” The great outdoors can help alleviate mental and physical stress that has affected many people during the pandemic and the agency is encouraging people to visit parks and camp, but with some basic rules.

One of the least risky fall activities is going camping given that you are outdoors, isolated, avoiding communal picnic areas, and sleeping in your own tent with close family members. This activity can become riskier if you are camping with other families or are in a densely packed campground where you are surrounded by people. Sleeping in tents with people outside of your household can also increase the risk of infection, so limit the people whom you will be in close contact with during your trip.


Backyard Bonfires

Gathering with the family and children outdoors or inviting a few friends over for s’mores is one of the more exciting fall activities that everyone will look forward to attending. As long as social distancing measures are followed when inviting family or friends outside of your household, you can still enjoy the bonfire stories with a few additional health precautions.


Road Trips

Beginning in November through the end of the year, many people will begin their journey home to spend time with their families as we near the holiday season. Road trips are a safer mode of transport than public transportation or air travel, as you know the people who will be traveling with you in the car and you can ask them about their social distancing habits ahead of time to be better prepared and take the necessary precautionary measures.

While you take a road trip amid the pandemic, remember to carry your mask in case you or your friends decide to make a restroom stop or snack break. Carry sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer for when you cannot wash your hands frequently and wipe down any shared surfaces such as door handles, seatbelts or car keys.


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Posted: 10/16/2020 9:00:00 AM