In Action: Medical Referral for Study Abroad Student in the United Kingdom


Distance from home: 3,504 miles away from home
Services Provided: Medical Referral
Situation: A student member pursuing a study abroad program in the United Kingdom was seeking treatment for severe anxiety from a psychological therapist. However, she preferred to have a physician she can visit regularly during her stay abroad and called Global Travel Plus to help her locate a doctor that can continue the treatment of her anxiety.
Assistance: The Global Travel Plus team researched and referred three facilities near the member’s on-campus location. The coordinator was able to find a clinic which would accept her health insurance, even though she was an international student. The member was able to be seen by a doctor within a few hours of contacting Global Travel Plus and began regularly seeking the physician. The member was very satisfied with her visit and informed Global Travel Plus that everything went well during her session with the local doctor.
Member Testimonial: “I was very satisfied - Global Travel Plus gave me relevant referrals for medical providers that would see me promptly. They continued to check in until the provider had arrived and followed up after the appointment to ensure my needs were met. The consistent communication exceeded my expectations.”‚Äč
Posted: 10/23/2020 9:00:00 AM