Useful Mobile Apps for Travelers



Jet lag can really affect your travels - whether it's wasting the first day of your vacation or struggling through that business meeting. The Entrain App helps adjust your circadian clock. A few days before your flight to a different time zone, Entrain will tell you how to adjust your wake and sleep patterns to have you feeling normal a lot quicker.

Google Translate
Not being able to speak or read the native language of your destination can really make things difficult. Google Translate to the rescue! The app now offers an "augmented reality" feature - simply hold your device's camera up to a sign or menu and it will give you a real time translation. You can also download language packs before your trip so you won't have to use all of your data.

Yahoo Radar
This new app from Yahoo becomes a travel guide to your destination, giving you restaurant recommendations and details on local sights and attractions.

Gate Guru
The Gate Guru mobile application keeps track of your upcoming flights and delivers real-time updates including security wait times, flight delays, gate changes, layover timings and will even allow you to reserve a rental car.

And of course, the Global Travel Plus Mobile App which includes:
  • One-touch call to our 24/7 Emergency Operations Center
  • A Global Travel Plus ID card
  • Travel Information, such as country-specific visa requirements, immunization regulations, security advisories, and more
  • Coverage Indicator (let's you know when you're eligible for Global Travel Plus services)
  • Global Embassy Locator
  • U.S. Pharmacy Locator
  • Information about all of our services
Posted: 9/16/2016 9:33:59 AM