5 Tips for Air Traveling with Children


Traveling can be an enriching experience for your children as they can learn so much from meeting new people and seeing new things disparate from the norm. However, traveling with children can also leave some parents worried as not all kids have the same response to new experiences. Here’s a list of tips parents should try when air traveling with their young ones!

Take Early Morning Flights

Taking early morning flights are great when traveling with children as they will probably still be tired and will sleep through the duration of the flight if it’s a short one. If the flight is longer, you can enjoy the peace and quiet before they wake up.

Never Travel Without an IPad or Tablet

Keeping children entertained on a flight is an important and challenging task. They need to stay engaged and keep active in order to keep their minds off sitting on a plane for multiple hours at a stretch. Time passes slower for children than it does for adults and that’s why they may feel agitated and annoyed at having to sit for such long periods of time.

Parents can help their children by downloading various apps that have different engaging games. When the child is tired of one app, they can switch to another. Here’s a list of great games to download for your kids: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-apps-for-kids/.

Pack Plane Bags

Another way to keep children entertained and quiet during your flight is by packing them plane bags ahead of time. These bags can be filled with various small figurines, crayons, small coloring and activity books, little sets of Lego, and a couple of sweets that they enjoy.

Packing a plane bag may be a great activity to do with your kids a couple days before your trip. This way they can pack the things they like and you can also track what they pack to ensure they do not over pack their bags with unneeded items.

Carry Snacks

It is essential to carry a snack bag when traveling with kids as they may feel hungry multiple times during the flight. Flight and airport prices are usually more expensive than snacks bought from local supermarkets. Buying snacks prior to arriving at the airport may help save your budget for the trip and keep your kids from wanting to buy unnecessary items.

Carry extras

Having an extra set of clothes in your carry-on for your children may be a good idea. Some kids tend to get air sick during travels and having an extra pair of clothes ensures that they won’t have to sit there in spoiled clothes the whole flight. Finally, consider carrying extra tissue paper, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer as these items tend to run out rather quickly when traveling with children.

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Posted: 9/14/2018 12:00:00 PM