In Action: Medical Referral from South Carolina


Distance from home:
 498 miles away from home
Services Provided: Medical Referral

Every year, retired members, Lillian* and Jerry, rent a house on South Carolina’s seashores for a month. During their stay, they enjoy hosting their seven grand-children. They also welcome friends and other family members.  

This year however, Lillian suffered cold symptoms that she hoped would go away on their own. Unfortunately, after a week of feeling sick, her condition did not seem to improve. She called Global Travel Plus for help in finding a good healthcare provider near their rental house.  

The coordinator promptly provided her recommended medical facilities within 8 miles of the rental house. Lillian was able to see a doctor right away and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. She was prescribed antibiotics, cortisone and required the nebulizer remedy to treat the infection and her heavy congestion. Thanks to this effective treatment, she was soon back on her feet and enjoyed the rest of her stay in South Carolina.


Upon the completion of her trip, Lillian shared “I am very satisfied. Global Travel Plus was such a big help to me!  The coordinators are great, courteous and caring! Thank you so much!” 
Posted: 9/21/2018 9:00:00 AM