In Action: Last Minute Medical Referral in London


Distance from home:
 3,441 miles away from home
Services Provided: Medical Repatriation & Medical Referral

Situation: During a trip to England, a member began experiencing excruciating pain in her left foot which had swollen overnight. 

Emergency: The pain started the morning of the couple’s flight back home. Not able to put weight on her foot, her husband called Assist America for help.

Assistance: Assist America immediately provided a list of medical facilities where the member was able to be seen by a doctor and get an x-ray in the morning. The doctor cleared the member for travel and gave her contention socks and crutches. Assist America also upgraded the couple’s tickets to first-class so that she could lay-down comfortably and arranged for wheel-chair assistance at the airport. 

Member Testimonial: "Assist America provided fantastic support in the middle of the night and excellent follow up. The upgrade on the flight home allowed my wife to travel comfortably and got us home on time. Thank you!"
Posted: 9/20/2019 9:00:00 AM