Expatriate Program

Looking to Extend OUR SERVICES?

When you choose a plan from Global Travel Plus, you are covered by global emergency services whenever you travel more than 100 miles from home for 90 days or less. If you are studying abroad or working in another country, you might be looking for a plan that covers you for one year.

Global Travel Plus members may extend the length of trip beyond 90 days through the Expatriate/Extended Program for an additional administration fee. Expatriate/Extended Program can must be added before you depart on the trip.

How Much Does the Expatriate/Extended Program Cost?

Expatriate/Extended Program is available for an annual fee of $80 per individual, $120 per couple and $170 per family.

What Does It Include?

It’s simply an extension of the services we offer. The Expatriate/Extended Program includes all of the services Global Travel Plus offers without the 90-day exclusion.

Does The Expatriate/Extended Program Have the Same Expiration Date?

The effective date of the Expatriate/Extended Program coincides with the effective date of your enrollment in Global Travel Plus, regardless of when you sign up. A prorated program is not available.