Astronaut, Buzz Aldrin medically Evacuated from the South Pole


Aldrin's incident brings to light the importance of a good assistance plan. If he had Global Travel Plus, each leg of his evacuation would have been arranged and paid for my Global Travel Plus with no financial limits. Global Travel Plus also has no exclusions for geographic locations or pre-existing conditions.

Being evacuated from Antarctica is an extreme example of a medical evacuation, but many travelers end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on medical evacuations and repatriations from less "exotic" locations where facilities do not have the standard of care needed to treat their injuries or illnesses. Having a quality travel assistance program when you travel is invaluable - for just a few hundred dollars a year, you could be saving you and your family tens of thousands of dollars in medical transportation bills. 
Posted: 12/2/2016 2:09:52 PM