Trip Stacking


With travel plans at risk of being changed until the last second, a new trend called 'trip stacking' is emerging to combat the risk of having a canceled trip due to COVID-19 restrictions. As more countries are updating their travel restrictions, this trend has become increasingly popular for those who want to get away and do not want a canceled trip to disrupt their planned vacation.

Trip stacking is when travelers book multiple trips, ‘stacking’ vacations around the same period of travel dates, in the event one trip gets canceled. People who are accustomed to planning only one vacation at a time are now booking up to three different options. In the event of a cancellation, you will still have another trip to fall back on. This trend started over the summer when travel reached new peaks, and will continue as winter travel nears, with a new season of uncertainty surrounding trip cancellations begins. 

In some cases, travelers are booking "riskier" trips, like a cruise or international travel, along with a "safer" trip that is less likely to be canceled. If neither gets canceled, the alternative is to postpone the additional trip rather than canceling, if they decide to take their first-choice trip. Some also choose to wait and choose where to vacation based on their comfort level.  

How to Trip Stack 
If you are thinking of trip stacking, be sure to familiarize yourself with any change and cancellation options while booking. It would be wise not to commit unless the options are flexible, which many still are. However, the flexibility of airline and hotel companies during the pandemic will most likely be offered for a limited time, so book before non-refundable booking fees return. If you plan to cancel your trip, make sure you cancel all reservations and bookings as early as possible as a courtesy to those accommodations. 
Posted: 10/8/2021 9:52:47 AM