Vacationing With Friends Without Breaking Friendships


Friends are the people in your life that you choose and that means that they are usually reliable, trustworthy, and someone who you can share everything with. However, traveling with those friends can sometimes have adverse effects. Even in friendship, you need to establish boundaries, whether it’s about lifestyle, traveling, or working. Here are a few things you may want to discuss with your friends before vacationing together.

Plan Your Trip Together

Everyone has a different vision and a different mindset when it comes to traveling or any other aspect of life. The first step to any successful friendship is knowing the different goals and aspirations of the other person. By planning your trip together, you can decide what places to visit, what things to do, what activities hold priority for you and your friends, and how you can spend an even amount of time on each of the various activities. If you want more information about your destination that can be helpful for planning your trip, we advise you to check the Pre-Trip Information feature on the Assist America Website and Mobile App.

Learn About Each Other’s Routine

Before taking the big step of traveling together, learn more about each other such as knowing one another’s routines. Timing can be an issue for you and your friend if one of you is an early riser and one is a night owl or if one likes to spend more time getting ready while the other wants to be out of the hotel in a few minutes.
Having different routines does not mean you have to scrap the idea of traveling together. The key here is to be considerate of each other’s patterns without losing your patience. You can try and spend some time together before the trip and see if your personalities are a match. You can also try talking to each other about what expectations you will have on the trip. By talking about situations before they arise, you are not only mitigating the severity of any situation that may arise, but also learning more about your friend.

Decide Who Is Paying For What

While planning your trip, make sure to think about the cost and how to split it among your friends. You can start by making a budget that both parties agree with and sticking to it. Getting someone to spend more than they wished for or skirting some financial responsibilities over to one friend is bound to result in an argument or two. Avoid it by planning ahead of time and staying focused on having fun while avoiding overstepping another person’s boundaries.

Go With the Flow

When traveling with friends, communication, patience, and flexibility are essential ingredients for a successful trip. You may not get to see or do everything on your travel list and neither will your friends, but some days you may have to compromise. If you feel like you are the only one compromising or if you and your friend are having various conflicts, communicate with your friends about how you feel respectfully and openly.

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Posted: 7/5/2019 9:00:00 AM