ASSISTANCE SUCCESS STORY: "Global Travel Plus was a life saver!"

Service Provided: Medical Monitoring, Medical Repatriation, Medical Escort
Karen* and her husband, Richard*, were vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico when Karen suffered from
a seizure resulting in brain lesions and swelling. Karen had also been undergoing chemotherapy treatment
for cancer in her home state of Massachusetts.

Richard called Global Travel Plus for help and shared his wife’s pre-existing health condition. Our coordinators confirmed coverage with no exclusion due to her pre-existing condition and started monitoring her ongoing treatment in Mexico. When Karen’s condition improved and stabilized, Global Travel Plus’ medical team and the local treating doctor discussed her repatriation home.

Once Karen was cleared for travel, Global Travel Plus arranged and paid for a first class seat on a commercial
flight and ground transportation on each end. Global Travel Plus also coordinated for an escort nurse to accompany her during the entire journey home to assist with any challenges she faced along the way.

The couple safely returned to Massachusetts and Karen was able to continue to heal in the comfort of home.

Testimonial: "Dealing with a medical emergency in a different country was very difficult for us. I was so thankful we had your services. The whole process exceeded our expectations. Everything was handled with accuracy and in a very timely manner. Global Travel Plus was a life saver!" - Karen

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*Names were changed for privacy
Posted: 3/31/2017 9:36:55 AM