Mexico: Expect the Unexpected!

Last week, our Marketing Manager, Lucie Hughes joined our Latin America Director, Roberto Rรถssner Perralta, in Mexico. Lucie shares with us details about her trip – her first time in Mexico – from industry conferences and business meetings to Aztec Pyramids and delicious food.

What was the purpose of your trip to Mexico?

I am fairly new within Global Travel Plus therefore the first objective was to finally meet our Latin America Director and get to know him better. We obviously had plenty of Skype meetings but it is always better to spend some time with a person in order to work together more efficiently.

The second objective was to accompany him during the AMIS 27th Insurance Convention, a strategic event for the insurance industry, and to other key meetings with corporate partners both in Mexico City and Monterrey, a northern city about 150 miles south of the U.S. border.

Finally, it was my first time in Mexico, and overall in Latin America. This trip was the opportunity to get a sense of how business is conducted and how people respond to diverse marketing actions.


Would you say business is conducted very differently in Mexico?

Yes, definitely! Building a strong network is strategic to conduct business in Mexico, even more so than in the U.S. I was impressed with how quick meetings can be scheduled and opportunities can arise if you are introduced by a friend and a trusted contact. Nothing is ever set in stone and everyone, no matter their rank in the hierarchy, is very adaptable and open to changes in plan. From the little I have experience within the week, I believe that, in order to conduct successful business in Mexico, you must go with the flow!

I also noticed and experienced how much trust and credibility are critical when doing business in Mexico. Once both are established, I noted that genuine friendships are quickly formed and people are willing to help by introducing each other to new people or sharing tips and opportunities.

Besides work meetings, were you able to enjoy some sites in Mexico?

My colleague had planned a fun afternoon when I arrived. After I landed in Mexico City, we drove to the Teotihuacan Pyramids and climbed both the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. It was amazing to see these 2500-year-old ruins. Actually, ruins isn’t an appropriate word to use, they are in such good shape!


On Wednesday, we were able to get on an earlier flight to Monterrey and decided to drive up the mountains to catch the last few minutes of the sun setting over the city. Monterrey is surrounded by steep mountains an each of them has a very beautiful and unique shape.


We also enjoyed many good meals during my stay. I got to try Mexico City style tacos from Taquearte, and northern style tacos from a “taco shack” called El Sahuaro Tacos Sonora in Monterrey. Our partners in Monterrey also took us to El Gran Pastor restaurant to try the city’s specialty called Cabrito!

What is cabrito?

Cabrito is a type of goat which is cooked over a ground fire for a long period of time, until the meat becomes really tender. It has quite a strong smell but it does not taste as strong as it smells. I followed our hosts’ suggestions by adding drops of lime juice and salsa on top of the meat.

Did you experience any issues with food or water?

Not at all! I think we should always use caution whenever we travel. I avoided tap water as much as possible or trusted my colleague when he advised it was safe to drink. Regarding the food, we only went to well-known and popular restaurants. We also stayed away from any type of street food. My advice is to listen to locals’ suggestions, always make sure you eat in a clean and safe place that follow proper cooking processes, especially when cooking meats.

What about mosquitoes and the Zika Virus?

To be honest I did not see one mosquito! I came really prepared, with a mosquito spray with DEET as recommended by the US authorities and anti-hitch cream. I used the spray the first night but ended up leaving it in my suitcase the remaining of my trip.

Mexico City and Monterrey are very elevated cities where mosquitoes don’t thrive as much. Mexico City is located 7,382 feet above sea level and Monterrey is at 1,765 feet high.

Travelers should still be very careful and pregnant women should avoid traveling to Mexico and talk to their healthcare provider. We are never too safe! Mexico City and Monterrey are both located at a high altitude above sea level (7,382 feet and 1,765 feet) therefore mosquitoes do not thrive as much. Lower parts of the country are more disposed to mosquitoes and travelers should protect themselves against bites. 

Posted: 5/22/2017 3:40:32 PM