Tips for Air Traveling with Pets


Traveling with pets means you’re packing and planning for two – yourself and your furry friend. Whether it’s going through airport security or being on a flight, you will have your hands full if you don’t plan ahead of time. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when traveling with your pet!

Collar & Leash


A collar is one of the most important pet accessories. You can attach a tag containing your contact information along with the name of your pet so that in the case that they wander off during any part of your trip, you’ll have an easier time tracking them down.
You can also prevent them from wandering off by having them on a leash. It will make it easier for you to keep your pet under control and avoid any possibility of them getting lost. Keeping your animal companion attached to a leash also shows your consideration for the safety and well-being of everyone around you.

Essentials to Pack


When packing for your trip, make sure you bring all the essentials that your pet may need. Here's a list of things that can help get you started: 
  • Kennel or Cage: Most airlines do not allow pets to sit on the lap or roam around the cabin. Kennels and cages can offer a great deal of help during transitions and can be placed in a luggage cart.
  • Waste Bags: It’s important to take care of your travel companion whether it’s on the go or at home. Always be prepared for any sticky situation by keeping a few waste bags on hand.
  • Toys: Your pet might feel bored and out of place if they are not kept occupied during the trip. Make sure to make a few of their favorite toys so they feel safe and at home no matter where you take them.
  • Food: Carry extra food and treats for your pet while traveling to keep them happy and healthy. Do not change your pet’s feeding cycles for the duration of the trip. Make sure they have the proper nutrition and diet throughout the trip, so they do not feel out of place.
  • Water: Keeping your pet hydrated is a must even if you’re in a flight or on the road. You can carry a collapsible bowl that is easier to carry, fold, and return to the bag. You may also want to carry ice cubes in case water is not an option for your trip as many pets favor some crunchy water!

 Before Your Departure


Before you plan your trip with your furry friend, make sure to research the following things to ensure that traveling will not be an issue for your pet.
  • Know the risks of air travel for your pet as some species might be vulnerable to oxygen deprivation. If you are unsure, check with the airline about what special accommodations can be made for your pet.
  • Book a flight with an airline that allows your pet to travel with you in your cabin. Some airlines may even have size requirements for animals that should be taken into consideration before booking a flight.
  • Train your pet prior to the flight by letting them spend some time inside the kennel and having them use the bathroom ahead of time. You can also read the airline policies to see what other training your pet may require to air travel.
  • Weather also plays an important role in your pet’s overall well-being. To make sure that the weather of your destination is suitable for your pet, you can check the pre-trip information found on the Global Travel Plus website or mobile app.
Remember that Global Travel Plus is also able to provide you with pet concierge services and pre-trip information that can be useful if you are planning to travel with your pet. Global Travel Plus completely arranges and pays for the assistance services it provides without limits on the cost. This alleviates many of the obstacles and potential expenses that can be caused by pet medical emergencies away from home. Global Travel Plus is not insurance, rather it is a provider of global emergency services for your pet.
Posted: 5/17/2019 3:49:02 PM