In Action: Medical Referral During a Trip to Italy


Distance from home:
 5,960 miles away from home
Services Provided: Pre-Trip Information, Medical Referral, and Prescription Assistance

Situation: Last year, Amy* and her friends decided to spend their Thanksgiving in Italy. A few days before their departure, Amy started experiencing minor head pain but did not want to cancel her long-awaited trip with her friends. She decided to travel abroad after taking a few precautionary measures.

Emergency: Prior to departure, Amy called Global Travel Plus for pre-trip information to confirm which medications she could bring with her on the trip to Italy and which medications she would be able to retrieve abroad, if the need arose. A medical coordinator explained the services to Amy and helped her find replacements of her current medications and match them to the brands found in Italy.

Assistance: While in Italy, Amy’s head pains worsened, and she called Global Travel Plus to help her find a medical facility that would be able to help her with her condition. Global Travel Plus recommended three facilities near Amy’s hotel and contacted her physician back home for her medical paperwork. Upon confirming the facility, Global Travel Plus made an appointment on Amy’s behalf and shared the location details with her.

After the completion of her visit, Amy contacted Global Travel Plus to help her arrange for new medications for her head pains as prescribed by the physician in Italy. A Global Travel Plus coordinator contacted the local pharmacy and Amy was able to retrieve them on the way back to the hotel from an afternoon excursion.

Member Testimonial:"The response to my questions was so quick and helpful! They were very responsive, and I am very satisfied with all aspects of the service.”

Important Disclaimer: While the services presented in this case study were provided as described, other details such as names and locations were changed for privacy.
Posted: 11/22/2019 9:00:00 AM